U-Haul Rentals

U-Haul Truck, Van and Trailer Rental in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Your Authorized Neighborhood U-Haul Dealer We Make Moving Easy!

Postal Connections 225 is an official U-Haul service provider for truck and trailer rentals in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Rent by the hour by the day, one-way or round-trip. U-Haul trucks are clean, dependable and affordably priced.

Moving to or from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania? Get FREE rental rate quotes Postal Connections 225. U-Haul rentals are designed to assist moving family items, not freight. Our moving vehicles contain several safety features, more than most other industry trucks. They include gentle ride suspension and high visibility mirrors to assist the driver.

Whether you are moving a large four-bedroom house or a studio apartment U-Haul rentals at Postal Connections 225 will get you to and from your two destinations. Book the perfect size moving vehicle or trailer to assist with your move.

Moving can be complicated, so contact us if you have a question about U-Haul rentals at (717) 766-0335 or send a message postalconnections225.com to reserve your truck today.